10 Things Italian People Find Strange about British People

You may remember last year that our teachers told us about things British people find strange about living in Italy , but now we thought we would ask them to comment on the things that us Italians find strange about them!

So let's ask them some questions and see what they have to say:

1 Why are there carpets in every house?
"I don't understand why this is strange, I know Italian people say that it's dirty, but we clean it! It also helps to maintain the heat in the cold winter months. I wish my house in Italy had a carpet in the winter, as it's freezing in my house here!"

2 Why are there no bidets?
"This is a strange one. I can see why you think it's disgusting, but as there aren't any in the UK, we have never known any different. In fact, we don't even really know how to use one! When I try to use one here, I get water everywhere and it's a nightmare, so I just decided to avoid bidets!"

3 Why do English people where flip flops to go out in the evening?
"Because it's hot! Especially here, when it's July / August and you go out in the evening, you can't wear a normal pair of shoes as it's too hot. So there's only one solution... wear flip flops!"

4 Why is there a hot tap and a cold tap? What if you want a temperature somewhere in the middle?
"I had never really thought about this, I suppose it is a bit strange, but I think people here in Italy think that the water either comes out boiling hot of freezing cold, which isn't the case. The hot tap takes a long time to heat up, so if you want some warm water, you can use that, but there's also the option to put the plug in and mix the cold and the hot water - so many possibilities!"

5 Why do you eat sausages and bacon for breakfast?
"Because it's delicious! The most important thing to say here though is that we do not eat a breakfast like this every day. No-one has the time to prepare all of that before going to work (and you would die of a heart attack before the age of 30!), most people eat that kind of breakfast once a month at most and it's usually at the weekend around 10am. I don't think anyone wants to eat that at 7am!"

6 Why do all British people always say sorry?
"Yes I can see why this is strange. People say sorry even if someone walks into them! We know this one is strange, but nothing changes. When someone says sorry though, they probably don't mean it!"

7 Why do shops close at 5pm?
"That's the time the working day finishes, so why wouldn't they? In Britain, most people work from 9am - 5pm, some shops are open until 6pm and supermarkets are usually always open until much later"

8 Why do British people love queuing?
"We don't love it, no-one loves it, we just do it to be polite! Even queuing for buses is normal, but it's fair, as the person who arrives first should get on first!"

9 Why do you wear seatbelts when you sit in the back of the car?
"This is crazy and I can't believe Italian people think this is strange / funny! If an accident happens and you are sitting in the back of the car without a seatbelt, you will seriously injure yourself! If you wear a seatbelt when you sit in the front of the car, why would you not wear one when you sit in the back? There's no difference!"

10 is British humour really so bad?
"I genuinely think the British humour is the best in the world, but I would say that, as I'm British!"

So there you have it, we are now a bit closer to understanding those strange British people!