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All of these sites have a variety of activities for different levels:

Practice activities for students at IH Palermo to do at home or at school.

A great selection of different activities you can access at school, including exam practice, English for Work and English for Doctors.

Online activities to match our course book, from beginner to upper-intermediate.

More activities from a popular student's book, from beginner to advanced.

Interesting articles, videos and drama, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Grammar and vocabulary, reading and listening with an insight into UK culture.

Free English lessons online.

Free English video lessons online.

A free app to help you learn languages. Great for lower levels.

English Language exercises from the University of Victoria.

Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes.

Find courses about English, or study other subjects in English. (Recommended for higher levels.)

Interactive games to practise a variety of structures.

Grammar practice exercises on different topics.

Free English lessons every day.

Short activities to practise different areas of language.

An alternative way to learn English

TubeQuizard, Instant quizzes for any subtitled Youtube video




Great listening practice for lower levels.

Short listening texts for Intermediate students. Great if you don't have much time!

Listen to USA Radio channels

American English exercises at different levels.

A collection of podcasts for English language students.

Learn English by listening to your favourite music.

Watch films and TV with subtitles. 40 minutes free every day.

Watch and listen to videos, then answer the questions!

Short videos from international speakers of English. For beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Up-to-date news stories from the USA, for students at different levels.

Interactive listening activities.

Dictation activities for different levels.

Dictation activities for different levels.

turning your favourite video clips into ESL classes

At higher levels, try to listen to authentic materials. These websites are good places to start:

Authentic podcasts on a range of topics, including news, sport, arts, science and history. Try The Listening Project or 60 Second Idea to Change the world.

Authentic talks by inspiring speakers on a range of contemporary topics. Subtitles available.

TED talks divided by level, from A2 to C1.

Podcasts on a selection of topics from a range of authentic sources.

Listen to Americans talking about and reading their favourite poems.




Texts and questions for beginners and intermediate students.

Texts and quizzes to practise reading.

Recent news stories for English language learners.

Graded readers to download at low prices.

A magazine especially for learners, from intermediate level up.

Can you work out the meaning of these short phrases? Great if you haven't got much time!

Extensive reading practice at different levels. Register to use advanced features.

Sign up for this popular magazine, or look at the free samples.

At higher levels, try to read authentic materials. These websites are good places to start:

News and sport from the UK and around the world.

News from a British daily paper.

News from a British daily papers.

In-depth reports from a weekly magazine.

A daily paper with emphasis on business and economics.

A magazine from the USA, with emphasis on art and culture.

An American weekly news magazine.

An online digital library of free e-books.

Information about famous and important people.

Find out about you favourite films and actors, or read the latest movie news.

The latest international news.




Illustrated conversation guides.

Self-practice speaking activities.

Listen to short dialogues, record your voice, and compare it to the original.

Watch videos, speak and get feedback on pronunciation.

You can also find online conversation partners:

Find online teachers (great idea but you have to pay!).

Access to resources and teachers (a subscription fee is required).

Look for online language exchange partners.


We also organize PSP speaking sessions and conversation nights.

If you are one of our students, ask the PSP tutor or go to reception for more information.




Games to practise English sounds.

Click on the symbols, listen and practise the sounds.

Look up a word, then click on "pronunciation" to listen to the correct sound.

Listen to the difference between similar sounds and words.

Listen and practise the pronunciation of words and phrases.

Practise pronunciation with instant feedback. Register for free!

Self-practice speaking and pronunciation activities.

An interesting article on homophones - they are everywhere!




Follow a course to improve your language skills, or create your own!

A great dictionary especially for students of English.

Practise vocabulary and support a good cause.

Use these ideas to help you organise and learn new words.

Each common English phrase includes real audio and scripts to help you learn sentence structure

Daily English conversation topics




Get instant feedback on your writing.


Exam Preparation


Free online practice material for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Cambridge English Exams.

Cambridge Exams

Official exam preparation materials for the Cambridge exams.

Preparation for Cambridge Preliminary, First, Advanced and Proficiency

A list of useful websites.

Information and practice activies for Cambridge: First.

A free app to practise grammar and vocabulary and prepare for the First or Advanced exam.




Information, practice and advice.

Information and practice tests.

Useful preparation activities and information.

An app from Cambridge to improve IELTS vocabulary.




Information, practice and advice.

Find out about the exam.

Find free preparation activities.

Have a go at a TOEFL exam.

Quizzes and practice for TOEFL, as well as IELTS, TOEIC and First.

This course was developed by ETS/Prometric, the body that also writes and administrates the TOEFL iBT exam worldwide.

TOEFL Practice on Mometrix


Business English


Podcasts, articles and videos to help you prepare for the world of work.

Lessons, quizzes and games to improve your Business English.

Practise some important vocabulary for work.

Explanations and exercises to help you at work.


Young Learners


Corsi E ed M

Attività collegate al libro di testo dei corsi E.

Per i corsi E ed M: giochi, grammatica, lessico, video ecc.

Giochi, lessico e grammatica per i corsi E ed M.

Attività per preparare gli esami Cambridge.

Giochi da scaricare per migliorare l’inglese.

Giochi interattivi per imparare l’inglese.

Giochi interattivi, ottimo per cellulari e ipad.

Giochi interattivi per migliorare lettura, grammatica e lessico.

Giochi interattivi per migliorare il lessico (colori, numeri, orario ecc.)


Per gli studenti nelle classi E: il libro di testo ha al suo interno un “activation code” da attivare per utilizzare ulteriori risorse on line.

Per gli studenti nelle classi M: il libro di testo ha al suo interno un CD ROM da utilizzare a casa per ripassare.

Corsi L

Per i corsi L (giochi, grammatica, lessico, video ecc).

Uno dei nostri siti preferiti! Video di canzoni in inglese con esercizi sul testo.

Giochi interattivi per migliorare la grammatica.

Gli student possono anche scaricare l’audio per l’esercitazioni qui.

Le risorse della sezione adulti possono essere utilizzate anche dai ragazzi.


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